The orchid family is one of the most prolific with almost 800 new species being discovered a year!  Orchids usually grow in the tropics, although there are some species that grow in temperate or even cold climates.  An orchid product that you may not know you use every day is vanilla.  Herron House particularly likes to use Dendrobium orchids and Cymbidium orchids in arrangements and bouquets for their delicate beauty.


What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
~William Shakespeare

Roses are a classic flower and beautiful for any occasions.  A favorite of brides, roses can come in almost any color imaginable through years of selective breeding and horticultural efforts.  Most roses thrive in temperate climates like ours, although they can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates if appropriate grafting is used. 


Tropical flowers produce an exotic feel for any event with their mystery and mystique.  Many different varieties can be flown in from around the globe, including hibiscus, bird of paradise, and the lotus flower.  These flowers are native to tropical areas throughout the world.  The hibiscus flower actually grows on trees, and its wood is often used for carving.  The lotus flower is an iconic symbol to many Eastern cultures, and it has long been a symbol of feminine beauty.  The bird of paradise flower is named after its resemblance to the amazing plummage of the bird of paradise.  It is commonly called the crane flower in its native South African home. 


Members of the lily family can be found throughout Europe, across Asia to India and Japan, and throughout Canada and most of the United States.  They are a bulb flower, and some are even edible!  Many lilies can come in a variety of colors and can have distinctive markings such as spots, brush strokes, and borders along the edge of the petal.


Despite being called a lily, the calla lily is not considered a "true lily" and belongs to a different genus of flowers.  The indigenous range of the calla lily is throughout Southern Africa.  Calla lilies are the hottest flower to use in bridal bouquets right now.  Its elegant shape is perfect for the classic bride, and many wedding accessories can be found with the calla lily motif.

Calla Lilies

Hydrangeas are some of John's favorite flowers to grow in his garden at home!  They come in a variety of colors and are indigenous to North and South America and South East Asia.  They can easily be dyed with food coloring to produce any color.  They also dry extraordinarily well, making them ideal for home design and perfect for brides who want to preserve their bouquets naturally. 


Gardenias grow in the wild in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Oceania.  Their scent is very recognizable and popular throughout the world, and in China and Japan, gardenias are used to make yellow dye.  Gardenias add a lovely personality to any bridal bouquet with their distinctive and pleasant aroma.    


Tulips are perennial bulbs originally native to Europe, northern Africa, and parts of Asia.  They grow best in mountainous regions with temperate climates.  Many people associate tulips with the quintessential spring flower-a welcome sight after a long winter.  There are tulips available in almost every color, which is making them more popular for weddings every year!


Gerbera daisies have quickly become the fifth most popular flower in the world for floral arrangements.  They are related to sunflowers and come in an amazing array of colors.  Sometimes the petals on the same flower can even come in different colors!  They are native to South America, Africa, and tropical Asia.

Gerbera Daisies